We as hunters spend thousands of dollars on rifles, scopes, binoculars and all sorts of other equipment to prepare for our hunts, but rarely do we invest in our own skills to prepare for an expensive hunt.

Safari Shooting School has taken over 30-years of hunting and guiding experience in both North America and Africa, and developed a facility and curriculum that will hone your in-filed shooting skills, while sorting out any equipment related problems... before they become problems.

Our practical, hands-on exercises, in real field shooting situations, will ensure that you're completely prepared for "the shot" when it presents itself.

We are conveniently located 1.5 hours from Austin or San Antonio in Mason, Texas. In the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, our 250-acre facility is devoted exclusively to the school's operations. Our facilities include:

> 400-yard shooting range and chronograph
> well equipped reloading room
> sitting and standing bench rests
> newly constructed log guest cabin and lodge
> relaxing patio with African-style fire pit
> most importantly, our exclusive hunting courses.

Our courses accurately simulate and prepare you for most types of hunting scenarios you're likely to encounter in the field. Each course is designed to place emphasis on preparation for hunting a particular terrain or species. Mastering our courses and becoming more proficient in our drills will improve your in-field shooting skills and build confidence in both your abilities and equipment.

Whether you're a beginner planning your first trip, or a seasoned hunter with many Safaris under your belt, we guarantee that you will be challenged, and a better shot when you leave us.


Our instructional classes are exclusively 1 on 1, or 2 on 2. We will add additional instructors for your group, but will not mix groups. You or your group will have exclusive use of Safari Shooting School.

The day will begin with breakfast, then a hard look at your rifles for appropriate caliber, ammunition, accessories and field worthiness. Sight-in, bullet drop and wind drift work is next, out to 250 yards, and further if you prefer. Later, we'll look at your other gear you will carry daily on your hunt, then embark on our hunting course as a real life hunt!

No bench rests out here. This is where we focus on actual field craft. Your guide will have shooting sticks like your PH, but there may be better rests available. We will help you recognize, and take advantage of the best field rests available. You will encounter game (steel silhouettes) from 35 to 250 yards and more, uphill, downhill and across valleys. The course is hunted as if you are actually on safari with time-outs taken after each shooting event to discuss what went well � and what didn't!

That evening, you will enjoy dinner and cocktails around the fire pit with your staff where all subjects on hunting, shooting and firearms are fair game.

The next morning's activities focus on more targets, areas of concern, and another trek down the hunting course.


Your trip to Safari Shooting School includes access to all shooting facilities on the ranch along with personalized instruction from our staff on how to improve your hunting and shooting skills, rifle and ammunition assessments, gear recommendations, and lots of shooting! Meals and lodging are also included.


We want you to be completely prepared you for your next big hunt, so bring all the gear you will wear and carry on a daily basis on your hunt (heavy winter clothing excepted).

We can't get you prepared if you don't come prepared!

> the rifle(s) you plan to hunt with
> at least 60 rounds for big bore rifles (both solids and softpoints)
> at least 60 rounds for plains game rifles
> your our .22 rimfire, too.
> your backpack or fannypack
> optics
> rifle slings (if you use one)
> the boots you will hunt in
> all of the gear you will carry out of camp on your hunt each day.

If you haven't decided on a rifle or caliber for your hunt, we have a good selection of makes, models and calibers you can try out to help you make your decision. Double rifles, ladies' and children's sized rifles also available. Let us know when booking if there's something special you require.

Also bring toiletries, clothing and any personal items you will want for your stay at the ranch. And bring lots of questions!

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