Thank you for the fantastic experience at your shooting school, the instruction, shooting facilities and accommodations were all fantastic! We accomplished more in that day than I thought possible, it far exceeded my expectations!

I arrived with a rifle that shot crooked and another one I had never fired.

By the time I left I had two rifles sighted in, the proper ammo selected for the rifles, a safari under my belt and I learned I can shoot out to 420-yds, it doesn't get better than that!!

I am very impressed and will happily recommend you to others!

Thanks again for the experience; I am totally confident I am ready for my first Safari!

Eric L.


Just wanted to take a moment and write to thank you for a great weekend. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated and the things that I came away with from the Safari Shooting School were great. Preparing now for my 6th safari, I was wondering exactly what there might be for me to learn at your school Man, was I surprised! Your analysis of my shooting and handling of my shooting equipment was insightful and very helpful. I really feel like your recommendations will help me shoot much better in hunting situations. Your program would certainly be great for first-time safari hunter, but also has plenty to offer for a hunter with more experience. I was very satisfied with the way that you geared our session to focus more on shooting dangerous game. We'll send you some photos when we get back from Mozambique.

Bob P.

This past July I took my three sons, Robert (17), Michael (16) and Coleman (14) on a 21 day safari in Tanzania, Africa. Obviously a trip of this magnitude required a great deal of thought and preparation. Since it was our first safari, I talked to many of my friends that had been on safaris and one theme that kept coming up over and over was “shot placement”. For two reasons shot placement becomes critical on a safari, one is that you don't want to spend much of your precious hunting time following up wounded game and two; you don't want to be put in a dangerous situation with an initial poor shot placement. Although my boys and I have been hunting nearly all of our lives and are all pretty decent shots, I felt the situations that we might encounter in Africa would be slightly different than our Texas White Tailed Deer hunts or Colorado Elk hunts. While shopping at Cabela's one day I came across an individual who told me about Monty Kalogeras and his Safari Shooting School located in Mason , Texas . I gave Monty a call and after talking with him for a few minutes, it became quite apparent that I felt our family could learn a great deal from Monty by virtue of his multiple personal experiences in African and his background as a gun buyer for Cabela's. Therefore, I took my boys to his 1 & 1/2 day program and experience real life hunting situations, including a charging Cape Buffalo, long distance shooting, firearm and gear selection, travel preparations in addition to a classroom video designed for shot placement on numerous animals. When we left on Sunday afternoon I felt that we were fully prepared for the trip ahead. On our safari, we took 42 animals that included 4 cape buffalo, 1 huge leopard, 2 Greater Kudu, 1 Lesser Kudu, 6” duiker and numerous other animals. With the exception of one buffalo, a bushpig and a couple of plains game animals each animal was killed with one shot. Unfortunately my buffalo was in tall grass and took three 375 H&H rounds and three 500 nitro rounds to stop on a head on charge. Although my shot was dead on in the lungs, it barely missed the heart thus precipitating the charge. This one incident alone made me realize that the initial shot is extremely critical when you are dealing with deadly game.

We had an outstanding trip and everyone shot “lights out”. We only had one follow up tracking that lasted several hours and I felt that was extremely fortunate considering we had 4 people hunting for 21 days and that we killed 42 animals. I felt that our family was totally prepared from the beginning with the right ammo, rifles, gear, travel plans and a complete understanding of the shot placement on African game. Although it is you that actually pulls the trigger in a split decision, the preparation that goes in to that decision was greatly enhanced by Monty's shooting school. I highly recommend Monty's school to anyone who is planning a safari to Africa or to anyone who wants to become a better shot.

Bobby F.

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