Safari Shooting School is located outside of Mason, Texas on approximately 250 acres of beautiful Hill Country property devoted exclusively to the school's operations. Facilities include a 400 yard shooting range with chronograph, a very well equipped reloading room, new log guest cabin, patio with African-style fire pit, and most importantly, our exclusive hunting courses.

Our hunting courses simulates most types of hunting scenarios and builds field shooting skills while bringing gear and technique shortcomings to light. Most hunters do not get enough practice in field shooting, much less instruction. We focus on improving field shooting proficiency in actual hunting situations. Also, many equipment problems can be detected along with ways to improve your hunting skills. The course can be adapted to reflect your next hunting adventure.



Our newly constructed log guest cabin provides comfort and privacy, while our main cabin serves as a central gathering point. Meals are included in the price, but please let us know when booking if you have any dietary preferences. "Steak night” is cooked over the fire pit, as we discuss the day's activities and reminisce over past and future hunts.


Your trip to Safari Shooting School includes meals, lodging and access to all shooting facilities on the ranch along with personalized instruction from our staff on how to improve your hunting and shooting skills. Rifle and ammunition assessments, gear recommendations, and lots of shooting are included as well


We want you to be completely prepared you for your next big hunt, so bring all the gear you will wear and carry on a daily basis on your hunt (heavy winter clothing excepted).

We can't get you prepared if you don't come prepared!

> the rifle(s) you plan to hunt with
> at least 40 rounds for big bore rifles (both solids and softpoints)
> at least 60 rounds for plains game rifles
Safari Shooting School can provide ammunition at an additional cost if you have trouble locating it or would prefer not to travel with your own. Please let us know in advance what calibers you need.
> your our .22 rimfire, too.
> your backpack or fannypack
> optics
> rifle slings (if you use one)
> the boots you will hunt in
> all of the gear you will carry out of camp on your hunt each day.

If you haven't decided on a rifle or caliber for your hunt, we have a good selection of makes, models and calibers you can try out to help you make your decision. Double rifles, ladies' and children's sized rifles also available. Let us know when booking if there's something special you require.

Also bring toiletries, clothing and any personal items you will want for your stay at the ranch. And bring lots of questions!

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